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Tax Preparation

Bringing a unique, personal touch to tax preparation.

We at Megan D. Muccio, CPA, PLLC place a strong emphasis on taxation both during tax season and throughout the year. We think it is important for clients to have access to the most comprehensive and successful financial and taxation guidance possible. To do this, we offer both tax preparation services during the January – April tax season, as well as tax review meetings mid-year to help review anticipated tax position changes. We are able to bring a unique personal touch to an otherwise often dreaded time of year.

It’s time to get ready for tax season!

Megan D. Muccio, CPA, PLLC is taking on new clients! We work with each of our clients both leading up to their meeting and during their meeting to make sure their taxes are filed in a way that they understand. All clients are given an education into their current year’s situation and in comparison with their prior year’s return to make sure all changes are understood. We take the time to meet with our clients either in person or by phone call prior to e-filing their taxes. Whether you live on Long Island, in greater New York, or throughout the US, we are committed to helping our clients prepare and file their taxes.

Taxes should not stress you out!
Let us help you this year.

The file below includes information about scheduling your tax meeting for the 2023 Tax Season and about the way we work with our clients throughout tax season:

Countdown to April 18th!