Tax Review in Progress

Tax Review

Taxes are important year-round! Whether you’ve changed jobs this year, retired, or were just unhappy with your overall tax situation, it’s not too late to change things!

At Megan D. Muccio, CPA, we feel that learning about your taxes is even more important than filing your taxes. With just a little bit of planning, we can help you to determine if changes made throughout the year will improve or worsen your tax situation, and as a result, your potential refund.

what is a tax review, Coffee next to tax paperwork on a desk

What is a tax review?

Understand how taxes work and the guidance a tax review can provide

Tax paperwork spread on a desk with a calculator and pen next to it showing planning for taxes

Why would I need one? 

The reasons for performing a tax review

Stack of papers and books

What documents are reviewed? 

Review a listing of documents which can be compiled for your tax review

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