Why Do I Need a Tax Review?

A tax review can be useful for a variety of reasons.  The following situations could cause a taxpayer to consider performing a tax review: 

  • You constantly owe money year after year and are tired of paying 
  • You constantly get a large refund, but have trouble making ends meet throughout the year
  • You went through a major life event – Marriage, Divorce, Having a Child, Retirement
  • You have a significant change in income – Unexpected Bonus, New Job, Lost Job
  • You would like to make or already made a change to your investments – Sale of Stock with a large gain, Roth Conversion, Distribution
  • Tax laws have changed 

2020, in particular, has been a year to remember.  Since the pandemic began, people have lost jobs, been forced onto unemployment, received stimulus checks, taken on new jobs, and even been allowed to suspend RMDs.  All of these changes have one thing in common … they will impact your taxes. 

A tax review can help you be prepared for how the year’s changes will impact your taxes and allow you to ensure your withholdings are correctly calculated.  

Ready to schedule your review? Set up a time using the calendar below: